I’m going to Vigan.

Mustering all the courage I can get, I started Googling the keywords Things to do in Vigan… for solo travelers.

Why do I want to go to Vigan and why am I going alone?

Well, for one, I’ve always wanted to go there. Only I was too lazy to make plans. Second, I need to take a break and heal a heartbreak. I figured a bit of me-time to get away from it all for a while would do me good.

I’ve never been on a solo trip before. It worried my mom that I’d be going alone, but I still pushed it through. My bags were already packed and the ticket’s been bought. The idea of going to a place where no one knew me was just too exciting to pass up.

I left Manila at the dead of night. It was the best roadtrip I ever had! I was grinning as I stared at the pitch black darkness outside, too thrilled to finally do this one thing I would have never thought of doing — go somewhere far all on my own.

I guess this break up is doing me more good than I expected.

Putting my sob story aside, I did a congratulatory self-five when I arrived in Vigan sometime around dawn.

The whole city was like a bigger version of Manila’s Intramuros. Spanish colonial houses come by the row, horses on the streets with their calesas in tow… it was exactly how I imagined the place would be. After locating Hem Apartelle and mentally taking note of where it is, I went straight to the famous Calle Crisologo.

I roamed around the city till sunrise, then stowed my extra stuff at the hotel before heading out. I commissioned a tricycle day tour purely by chance when I hailed one to take me to the first item in my self-made itinerary. The original plan was simply to hop on and off tricycles all the way but the impromptu tour made my itinerary much easier.

Funny thing is, when my tour guide introduced himself, he has the same name as my ex. I mean, COME ON!

Kidding aside, if you want to know more about my pre-colonial style of moving on, check out my article at Travelicious World!

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VIGAN, Ilocos Sur: A City Frozen In Time

Calle Crisologo