If you ever find yourself (alone) in Pagudpud on an all-nighter, no-plan plan stint, you can think about spending the night at Uddon’s Homestay.

Found just right next to a highway along Sitio Namnama, its brightly-painted faux cabin log houses will catch your eye as you pass by. Don’t expect anything hotel-fancy, but if you’re looking for something that fits the budget, this is it.

I was on a solo mission to tour the whole of Ilocos and budget was tight so I wasn’t looking for anything fancy at all. As what I told my tour guide Kuya Arnel, I don’t need AC or WiFi, as long as I get a solo room with a bed and my own bath. He took me here, and the owner gave me this sweet Little Tike’s-ish room for just Php 500.

I quickly scanned the room beyond the canary yellow door and I was sold.

The inside has the typical provincial homey feel and is already good enough for most homestays. The walls were painted green with flowery green curtains to match. It has its own sink so you can wash off in case you brought back some food from outside.

The bedroom is separated from the “lounge” by a screen door and an actual door. You can still open the sliding glass window to carry on your conversation with your folks in the lounge. I didn’t need that though; it was just the TV and I all night.

Yes, the bedroom has a small, old-fashioned box-type TV mounted in a corner wall next to the wall fan. It didn’t come with a controller (or at least I couldn’t find it) so I had to get up and press the on-TV buttons to change the volume or channel. It’s got a couple of cable channels though.

The room has two single beds but I think four people can fit snugly in this room, two on each bed. The beds are clean and smelled of freshly-washed sheets. The room has AC too but is charged an additional fee so I opted to simply make it a fan room. It was a bit drizzling in Pagudpud that day and the weather was too chilly without a jacket, I guarantee you won’t even need AC.

The room’s got its own bath (just what I’m looking for!). No hot/cold option for the shower, but it’s working all right.

The overall Pagudpud weather demanded a jacket. Imagine how cold the water can be.

Think Baguio, without water heater. Brrr…

The entire neighborhood was peaceful and quiet, except for the howling wind, swaying tree branches, and constant rain pattering on the roof from the storm of that night. It was so cold despite not having any windows open so I didn’t even need to turn on the fan. I was shivering beneath the sheets!  Being alone in the room wasn’t that bad though. The weather was scary at first, but I left the TV on all night to keep me company.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience – a home away from home.


✔Very affordable

✔Comfortable room

✔Spacious beds

✔Own bath

✔Accessible to main road

✔Air conditioning

✔Cable TV


❌Water heater

❌TV remote control


Rating: ★★★★☆ (I’d recommend this to my budget-conscious buddies, or we can even stay there if we find ourselves in Pagudpud as a troop.)


For reservations or inquiries, you may contact them at +639202859087 or visit their Facebook page Uddon’s Homestay / Henry Uddon Transient House / Room for Rent.

The management weren’t too strict on check-in/check-out time like most hotels. I clocked in around 9 AM and turned over the keys the next day around the same time, full 24-hour stay with no extra charges.


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