For the past year, I’ve been badgered for ice cream by a friend at work  (Hi, Ivy!), so one Saturday morning, I finally gave in.

We went to BGC High Street with one goal in mind — Freezer Burn.

What does freezer burn mean?

Freezer burn happens when frozen food gets damaged and discolored due to air exposure and improper storage.


However bad that may sound, the actual Freezer Burn was anything but that.

Freezer Burn BGC

Their store is located in B3 along High Street, right next to Seattle’s Best Coffee.


Pastel-colored interiors and cute clip-art wall decors are guaranteed to catch the eyes of any kid (or kid at heart!)

Freezer Burn


Freezer Burn


Now what should I have for my first Freezer Burn experience?

Freezer Burn counter

Freezer Burn is known for its unorthodox flavors (salted egg custard ice cream, say what?!) It’s a novelty worthy trying for yourself, and I guess that’s what brings the people in. I know there’s a lot of flavors to choose from, but you can request for a free taste to help you decide!


Everything in the menu looked interesting and there’s a lot of choices to mix and match with. In the end, I settled for this sweet baby…

Freezer Burn

Browned butter pecan ice cream with sticky date pudding

Big scoop of butter pecan ice cream topped with a chocolate cone and crunchy caramel squares — who could resist to that? It also has a big fluff of candy floss on the side and sticky brown pudding to cap it all off.

What’s in the syringe? Caramel syrup to inject your pudding with!


My gal friend is a huge chocolate fan, and she went for the only chocolate ice cream in the menu.

Freezer Burn

Darkest chocolate ice cream with churros

A solo serving of Mix and Match should cost you Php 225, or you can share it with someone for Php 295.


The serving may look small but it’s enough to make you feel full! I was bursting by the time I finished with my butter pecan,  but there’s still one more flavor I’d like to try…

One for the road!

Freezer Burn

Maple bacon ice cream

I love bacon with all my heart, so this is something I can never pass up! For Php 90 in a small cup, my curiosity was satisfied. The flavor sure sounds weird, but it actually tasted like vanilla or butter ice cream mixed with some tough beef jerky. The ice cream is sweet, then punctuated by the savory taste of bacon bits.

All these sweet things will surely make you crave for water. They used to provide free house water but you now have to pay a whopping Php 40 for a bottle of mineral water! Wow… 🙂

Nevertheless, I had fun on my first Freezer Burn experience. Nothing beats the classic ice cream flavors, but Freezer Burn’s unconventional ice cream ideas will always be something to look forward to.

Take care, Polar Bear.

Business hours:

Sunday to Thursday, 11 AM – 10 PM

Friday to Saturday, 11 AM – 12 AM


Where to find them: