Traveling with Stephanie Jane is the brainchild of a former homebody  who finally decided to get up and get out there. Determined to catch up on the things she missed out on, she now looks forward to ticking off every item on her bucket list one check at a time.

Follow her wanderlust soul as she turns each dream destination into reality, bringing home amazing stories with her to encourage the next aspiring traveler.


Stephanie Jane is a 25-year old night owl who turned her nocturnal body clock into a living. She works nights as a Project Manager for a US-based company, squeezing in her adventure plans somewhere in between whenever she can.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She has a passion for tame animals, fluent in English, Filipino, and memes-speak, and loves collecting books she will never have the time to read. When she’s not too busy adulting, you’ll find her engrossed in some crazy exploit that she’ll either write about or won’t do again.


stephanie jane